Connection Settings for Family Communities

Residence Name Connection Device(s)How to connect to the Internet?
Tom Fort & SutherlandYour residence will either have the Zoom

routing device

or the TP-Link(s)

Ethernet Cable

Power Adapter

There are two ways to connect to the Internet in this residence.
This means that residents can either connect through the Ethernet port on their router or connect directly to the Wi-Fi.

1). Connecting through Ethernet (Ethernet port at the back of your router):
Residents can also connect directly through the Ethernet port located at the back of their router device.
To complete this set up, you will need to connect your Ethernet cable from your computer to the Ethernet port located at the back of your router device.
After, your computer will automatically be connected to the Internet.

2). Connecting through Wi-Fi:
Power the device (router) with the adapter. Then, turn on the power switch of your router device (located on the rear left side of your device).
On your computer home-screen, locate and click on the Wi-Fi icon on the lower right corner.
You will then be provided with a list of network options to select from. From the options provided, choose network name zoom-street-housing-unit (I.e. zoom-standley-722). After selecting your network, you will be required to provide password information in order to be connected to the Internet (password information can be found on the bottom of your router device).