Reset myNMSU Password

It is important to make your myNMSU password something you will be able to remember. Without it, you cannot access your myNMSU account, NMSU e-mail, Canvas Learning System ( account, or NMSU Computer labs. Unfortunately your password cannot be returned to you; however, you can reset a forgotten password by following the steps below.

  1. First, click on the Forget Password? link on the myNMSU login page, located under the Login box.password_1
  2. The next window will have a box labeled Reset Password. Type your myNMSU username in the Username box and click OK.
  3.  You will now need to answer one of the secret questions you created when you activated your myNMSU account. Type in the appropriate answer and click OK. If you cannot remember the answers to your questions, you will need to contact the ICT Help Desk at (575) 646-1840 for assistance.
  4. If your question was answered correctly, the next window will allow you to create a new password. Your new password must follow these guidelines:
    • Be 8-16 characters
    • NOT contain your myNMSU username or more than two consecutive characters of your username
    • NOT contain spaces or non-English characters
    • Contain AT LEAST one lowercase letter
    • Contain AT LEAST one UPPERCASE letter
    • Contain AT LEAST one of the following: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 _ { } | [ ]

    *BANNER AND ORACLE USERS: Password must BEGIN with a letter

    If your password does not follow these guidelines, it will not be accepted and you will have to come up with another password. If you want a password to be generated for you, click the Generate a Password link. Type your new password in the New Password field, and again in the Verify Password field. Then click OK to save it.

  5. A box should come up saying that your password change was successful. You can now log in to your myNMSU account, NMSU e-mail, Canvas Learning System (, and NMSU Computer labs using your new password. Please keep track of your password in order to log on to NMSU systems.
    *NOTE: You will need to change your NMSU password on any mobile device, drive, or e-mail client if you have it saved.

If you have any questions, come by the ICT Customer Service and Help Desk in Room 105 of the Hardman & Jacob’s Undergraduate Learning Center, call 646-1840, or e-mail us at