Mailman is a list management software used by the ICT Help Desk.

About Mailman

Mailman is a list management software used by the ICT Help Desk to create electronic e-mail listsMailman is a convenient way to send out e-mails to large numbers of people without having to enter each individual e-mail address. With a normal e-mail message, there is a maximum number of addresses one can send a single message to. Mailman lists do not have an e-mail address limit, and will be seen by e-mail programs as a single address; once a list is created, the list address is the only e-mail address that needs to be entered for an outgoing message intended for all the members of that list.

Using Lists

Mailman list is an e-mail address maintained on a Mailman NMSU server; the list name can be anything you want between 6 and 16 characters long, but must be an address. Lists can be requested for an NMSU-affiliateddepartmentclass, or organization– any list requested for a class is free of charge. Each list can have one or more owners, who control members of the list and list access. Owners can also designate one or more moderators, who recieve e-mail sent to the list and can either send it to all list members or discard it. This feature prevents inappropriate content from being sent to list members.

Types of Lists

There are three different types of lists: a closed list, an open list, and a public list. A closed list address cannot be replied to. An open list address can be used by both the list owner and subscribers; members of the list can send messages to each other. A public list can be used by the owner, members, and the public; anyone can send a message to a public list address. All lists are archived on an NMSU server, so old sent and recieved messages can be accessed at any time.

Mailing List Costs

$30 per year per list
*A list intended for a class is free of charge; however, the name of the list must be the class name.