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Usage Agreement

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You will not store/use sensitive, or regulated, data on NMSU's HPC/HTC computing resources? This includes HIPAA data, FERPA data, U.S. National Security Controlled data, and any other legally regulated data. 

Your research, conducted on NMSU's HPC/HTC computing resources, meets the definition of “Fundamental Research” as defined below:
Research conducted by scientists, engineers, or students at an accredited institution of higher learning in the U.S. with no restrictions on publication of scientific and technical information resulting from the project activity, except to protect proprietary information, patent rights.

Publications featuring work that relied on NMSU's HPC/HTC computing resources will cite the New Mexico State University's High Performance Computing Group (

Lastly that you will abide by our posted policies while using NMSU's HPC/HTC computing resources.

If you cannot agree to the above please contact us.

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