Classroom Technology and Research

Includes setup support for classroom video and media devices and high-performance computing, large-scale storage, software/hardware, consulting, and troubleshooting support services.

Services (6)

Audio Visual Support for Webinar/Events

Provides audio-visual support to users for in-person and online events, including assistance setting up microphones, projectors, and other Audio Visual Support systems for conferences, seminars, lectures, legislative meetings, convocation, or any other event that requires the use of multimedia equipment. The fee for this service is $75 per hour for in-person events and $37.50 for completely virtual events. This includes setup/tear-down time as well as time spent at the event. All requests should be made at least 5 business days in advance.

Classroom Technology Support

Provides support for faculty with classroom and conference room maintenance and technological support.

Upgrade Classrooms and Conference Rooms

Request the design and construction of Smart Classrooms or Conference Rooms with standard equipment. Professional AV installation quotes for campus spaces including classrooms, conference rooms, offices, study rooms, and lounge areas are also available upon request.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Resources and information about NMSU’s collection of computers, or nodes, that communicate using InfiniBand, allowing users to scale computational analysis from their personal computers.

Test Scoring

Provides instructors with a seven-section exam report displaying grades by ID and name, student error-response locations, class analysis, and more. Instructors may also request scantron printing and design services.


Provides face-to-face and web-based training on various topics, including computer and data security, privacy, compliance, and FERPA, PCI, and HIPAA.