High Performance Computing (HPC)

What Is It?

HPC stands for High Performance Computing Cluster. The cluster is a collection of computers, or nodes, that communicate using InfiniBand, making it an ideal location to scale computational analysis from your personal computer. 

Who Is Eligible to Use It? 

The High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster is free to use for current students, faculty, and staff for both research and teaching. Non-NMSU users sponsored by NMSU faculty or staff are also eligible.  

How Do I Get Started?

1. To get started, you will need to complete the onboarding course, including the:

Introduction to Linux Module

Introduction to Supercomputing 

Final Quiz

2. Then, you can use the button above or click the following link to make an account request. Accounts are issued for the duration of the academic year. You may also make the following requests or learn more about each request by clicking the buttons above or the links below:

3. Next, complete your first-time login:

The first step after getting access is to complete the first-time login process in the Open OnDemand Discovery Portal. Open OnDemand provides a web GUI to access all the Discovery’s HPC resources.To complete the first-time login process, follow the instructions below.

Click this link: https://ondemand.nmsu.edu and enter your username/email.

Once entered, you will be routed automatically to the myNMSU login portal. Enter your myNMSU username and myNMSU password. Because NMSU uses two-factor authentication, you have to approve the sign in request from your Microsoft Authenticator app.

After the request is approved from your phone, you will see the below screen and select Yes button.

On successful authentication, you will be redirected to the Open OnDemand dashboard.

After the first-time login process is completed, you can start using the Discovery resources.

How Much Does It Cost?

At this time, there is no cost to use IT's clusters.

Account Request Software Request Project Space Request Storage Quota Request Contact Form


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Service Offerings (5)

Account Request
Use this service to request an account in our High Performance Computing environment.
HPC Software Request
Allows users to request that NMSU HPC staff build, or help build, software for the HPC Cluster.
Project Space Request
Allows users to request access to a shared collaboration space on NMSU’s HPC Cluster to use with colleagues or for a class.
Storage Quota Request
Allows users to request to increase their home, or project, file storage quotas.
Contact Form
Allows users to contact NMSU’s High Performance Computing staff.