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Email Support

Provides Email Support for NMSU community, which includes configuring email clients, email on mobile devices, web access, login, and any other email related troubleshooting issues. ... email ... What Is It?  This service provides assistance to users with configuring email clients, email on mobile devices, web access, and login issues, and any other email-related troubleshooting issues

Email List

Allows users to request the creation of Mailman email lists. ... email ... What Is It?  A Mailman email list is an efficient and convenient communication platform that allows individuals with shared interests, responsibilities, or affiliations to connect through email

Shared Mailbox

A mailbox shared by multiple users within a department to read and send email messages. ... email ... What Is It? NMSU allows shared mailboxes to be created for departments. These are email addresses that multiple people have access to. Users can receive and send emails all through one email

Distribution Groups

What Is It?  Distribution Groups allow users to send messages to a predefined group of recipients through a single email address. They are commonly used for general announcements, updates, or mass

Desktop Support

Includes, but is not limited to: desktop support for computer, email, software, hardware, password, and browser setup, configuration, and troubleshooting concerns. ... computer Data backup and/or transfer Email setup and configuration Connection to sharedrives Email problems Software, hardware, and memory installation Virus and malware removal Printer

Phonebook: Person Lookup

further assistance, please contact us. ICT Help Desk Contact info & Zoom Link/Meeting ID In Person: Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center - Room 105 Phone: (575) 646-1840 Email: help

General Request

What Is It? Use this service to submit a General Request. This service provides assistance with navigation of NMSU-supported technology by phone, email, face-to-face, WEPA Printing, as well as via

Letters and Forms

What Is It?  This service assists users with the development, updating, and issuing of forms and form fusion templates, including transcripts, emails, and award letters.  Who Is Eligible to Use

Office 365 Support

 faculty, staff, and students. Students will have full Office 365 access and functionality as long as their NMSU email account is still active after they graduate or leave NMSU.

Password Reset

. How Do I Get Started? To request recovery of your myNMSU username or password reset, click this link. You will be prompted to enter your myNMSU username or registered email address to begin your

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Request

number, NMSU email address, and whether you are requesting a new SSL Certificate or a renewal. How Much Does It Cost? The current fee for an SSL Certification is $50 per year.

Cellular Service

approved, you will be contacted via email to confirm before any orders are placed. Any questions regarding Verizon mobile devices and service plans can be emailed to How

Aggie Welcome & Orientation

In Person: Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center - Room 105 Phone: (575) 646-1840 Email: Zoom Link: Or meeting ID: icthelpdesk Zoom with us M-F 8am-5pm

TeamDynamix Access

) 646-1840 Email: Zoom Link: Or meeting ID: icthelpdesk Zoom with us M-F 8am-5pm

Upgrade Classrooms and Conference Rooms

requirements for the space desired.  What's Next? After a ticket is submitted, a technician will reach out via email. They will work with you to schedule a meeting to discuss and develop a quote for your project.